Benefit of participation:

  1. A total of 179 exhibition booths were provided with the concept and bare upgraded shell scheme ANGKASA (by request) in hall and foyer.
  2. Participation is expected to be received from selected cooperatives in Malaysia, International Cooperative Alliance, local and international sponsors, government agencies and GLCs.
  3. The event is organized by a multi-racial country and culture which offers a unique cooperative cultural environment to explore by exhibitors.
  4. Knowledge sharing and disclosure of the business world through forums, seminars and business chats.
  5. The only cooperative trade showcase event organized in the country. We welcomed coop trade exhibitors from Asia, Africa, America, Europe and other local exhibitors to be in one cooperative showcase.
  6. We deliver more opportunities for exhibitors to explore and serve a perfect environment to build relationships among cooperatives as well as creating business network.
  7. Located in the world of halal economy and multiracial country which performs a multicultural societies that will demonstrate a unique cooperative environment for the exhibitors to experience.
  8. Knowledge and exposure from our prominent local and international speakers through seminars and business talks as well as through cooperative’s experience.






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